February 10, 2018

The Wealth Foundation Podcast

Welcome to The Wealth Foundation Podcast!

We are excited discuss the infinite banking concept®, the indexing strategy, and other ways to never run out of money in retirement and create tax-free generational wealth.

It was several years ago that I discovered infinite banking, or sometimes called bank on yourself, becoming your own banker, 770 Account, high cash value life insurance and many other names.  Based on my schooling as a finance major, the concept intrigued me as I never heard of saving for retirement besides using your standard 401k or IRA.

After reading several books, including Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash, I was ready to take the first steps to create my own “family bank”.  The process was straightforward and my policy was started.  What most people don’t realize is that the policy is only a small portion of infinite banking, but an important one that needs to be set up by an Authorized IBC Practitioner.

The Wealth Foundation Podcast was created to educate people about how infinite banking works.  Listen below or find us on the following sites:

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Eric Kouvolo

Director-  The Wealth Foundation







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