March 18, 2021

Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) Authorized Practitioner Program from the Nelson Nash Institute

Infinite Banking Practitioner Finder

Would you like to know more about Becoming Your Own Banker, the Infinite Banking Concept or any of the other names for using a high cash value, dividend paying whole life insurance policy from a mutual company?

Hi, my name is Eric Kouvolo. I’m proud to say that I recently became an Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioner.

So why should someone who is researching IBC speak with an Authorized person who is listed on Many insurance agents and financial advisors are making videos and using the terms Infinite Banking Concept, Bank on Yourself, 770 accounts, Privatized Banking as a marketing ploy.

Unless they have completed the IBC Practitioner Program created by R. Nelson Nash, you can’t be sure the person fully understands the theory and design of a solid IBC policy. Another requirement of completing the program is an extensive study of Austrian economics, monetary policy and how banks and the Federal Reserve work, followed by a 2 hour exam.

If you want to see how the Infinite Banking Concept can work for your family or business, Call or Text me at 844-OWN-BANK or email me through

I wish you the best of Health, Wealth and Happiness!

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