March 4, 2018

How To Rollover A 401k – IRA And Create Guaranteed Income For Life Without Risk

Infinite Banking might not be right for everyone. In this episode of The Wealth Foundation Podcast, hosts Eric Kouvolo and Frank Riedel IV present the Indexing Strategy.

Most Americans are saving, if at all, for retirement with a 401k or IRA account. The major problem with this method of saving for retirement, is that your account balance is subject to market risk and volatility. Another issue is that many people are counting on this unknown future balance to supply income for the rest of their lives. What happens if the balance goes to zero? What if you have a major medical issue? What if you or your spouse live much longer than expected due to improvements in medical science?

Frank and Eric discuss how to create Guaranteed Income For Life with a preferred account that is only available to less than 1% of financial professionals. Some of the major benefits include:

– Rising income that is not subject to corrections on Wall Street
– Health Care payment doubler if you need care for up to 5 years
– A LARGE bonus that exceeds any comparable fixed index annuity

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