October 22, 2017

Building An Infinite Banking Agency?

Infinite Banking is a Concept that was coined by Mr. R. Nelson Nash in his book entitled: “Becoming your own banker”. The concept is simple BUT widely misunderstood within the greater financial community.

A large number of financial professionals not only fail to understand and properly explain it to their clients, but a great number of these professionals attempt to implement such a strategy by substituting the right type of policy for policies that do not function as well for Infinite Banking. This causes confusion for financial professionals and more importantly the prospective client.

Hurricane Financial has thoroughly trained and assisted Independent licensed professionals for many years. Our Infinite Banking mentor program has helped develop agents coast to coast and throughout the USA.

If you are thinking of adding Infinite Banking to your existing agency or you are an individual agent looking for help understanding Infinite Banking and successfully presenting it to your prospective clients, we can help.

Our unique 3 step process boasts one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Don’t be fooled by people on the internet who will ask you to buy their “systems” or pay for their “time”.

Let us show you how to properly implement The Infinite Banking Concept into your business and how to Impact the lives of your valued clients.

When You Win, We Win!!

Source: Building An Infinite Banking Agency?